Thursday, 25 October 2012

Two sizes too big

i have rectified the image size situation! celebrations are in order. Go to photobucket and search for ruthwebber22 for more. I'm only able to upload a small selection as the internet connection in south America is amazingly slow. Anyway. So, Iguazu falls is a bit of alright.

These last two are of the sunset over the river which flows between Paraguy, Brazil and Argentina. I think the policemen stopped there to subtly protect the lone girl traveller, because they left when some other people turned up! (who Im travelling northwest with tomorrow).

The sensation of being at Iguazu was one of total awe and wonder. I got a headache from the sheer noise of the Garganta del Diablo, and the thought that it was like that all the time was unfathomable... The thing that got me the most though, apart from the vastness of the falls (of which there are many spanning over the national park), was that as you look down into the cavern of blindingly white mist given off from the thundering water, there are hundreds of these birds, swooping in and out of vision in this cloud, and you realise that they actually live beneath this humoungous tumbling mass of water. They pierce through the falls, and cling to the rocks, inches away from umbrella that is the falls. I cant even begin to imagine what that must be like. Anything but peaceful.

Anyway. You really have to go to believe just how magical and amazing it really is. Also I had a magical moment when I was on my own (get there early and you have it to yourself for a good hour or so) and I was overlooking my first falls, on the top walkway. Then all of a sudden, a toucan swooped down from my right and glided over the falls into a tree on the island in the middle.

And I had it all to myself. Amazing.

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