Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mendoza, te amo

So I escaped from Buenos Aires, (although I was actually just getting used to it and think if I stayed a little longer I would love it dearly, but it is just a little too big for a wee Bradfordian like me) and am now in a little town (16 hours by bus, included in service: champagne and a medly of 80s pop videos on tv) called Mendoza, where the steak is great and the wine is better.

Tomorrow we're off on a cycling and wine tasting tour, which should be loads of fun.
The past few days has consisted of partying (that's all you can do in Buenos Aires!) walking around La Boca and Recoleta, two really cool areas of BA, and generally meeting some amazing people.
I love the process of meeting people when you're travelling, you meet someone, you spend a day say, going to a water park in the middle of the mountains (that was what yesterday consisted of!) and then you say 'really lovely to meet you, have a great life!' and you part! It's such a refreshing way to meet people, although I can see myself wanting a bit more stability after a while, someone to grow familiar with for a week or two, but this transience is grand for now (met a lot of the Irish, hence 'grand'). But que sera sera. I love my own company (I am bloody good fun) so I don't mind a little solo time.

It's really exciting talking to people who've been to all the places I have in store, and knowing that 6 months of amazing views, amazing wildlife, amazing music, amazing food and amazing people lie ahead of me... I've only just begun and I feel like I've done so much!

Tell you what though,
I'm bloody shattered!


  1. so get an early night then!This is your mother speaking!!!glad the social side of travelling is suiting you your virtual address book will fill up fast.Just had a lovely sunny weekend at Kilnsey visited Burnsall and Grassington and Patricia Lucy's mum on way home.Courses going well for both of us and volunteer things for Beth cropping up plus a morning's work as receptionist at Jackie's!Mendoza looks amazing on google images enjoy the glimpse of the Andesxxxxx

  2. Sounds like fun, I know how you feel about meeting people in such a short, intense way! But just keep looking ahead! Wish I was in your place right now! And you are bloody good company Webber that's a fact! xxx

  3. Sleep Ruth! Don't burn out too early on your travels! Xxx

  4. Ruth - where is best to contact you, here? I am making some travelling decisions, wanted to talk to you! If you know where you are heading I could always plan to come meet you along the way???!

    Let me know :)


    1. Wooooo! Get me on
      looking forward to hearing from you! When do you fly out?

  5. Hello there all who follow Ruth's blog. WHY DONT YOU FOLLOW MINE TOO SEEING AS NOONE DOES?