Monday, 8 October 2012

Rain in San Telmo

Well I wasn't expecting this.
It's flippin raining.
Eating my porridge in Laura's kitchen (rain, porridge, I'm basically still in th UK!) then heading out to the Cementeria de Recoleta with my camera and then to the MALBA (museo de arte de latinoamericano de buenos aires) for some culture (but mostly because it's raining) before we go out for STEAK tonight (oh boy). Got to navigate the streets of BA on my own for the first time, it's a pretty complicated city, with a basically unnavigable bus serviec (unless you live there, but even then...)
It will be an adventure.

Yesterday we wandered round the market in San Telmo, which was great. I established the  meander which will carry through the rest of the trip...and one which will only slow down as it gets even warmer. Oh yes. 

For lunch we went to a wicked grill place and had churipan (hot dog with chorizo) and chips, followed by a flan. Basically since I arrived we've eaten dough with meat in (empanadas), pasta and pesto, meat in bread, then pizza! They bloody love their dough products apparently.
And their meat.

Then we went and had a cuppa in a cafe and watched some tango which was pretty nifty. Yesterday evening was lovely too, we went to Laura's friend's flat and I met some lovely people, which got me excited about going to my first hostel tomorrow night!
Get the ball rolling on this travelling thing.

Photos to come as soon as I buy a chord for my camera! Oops.

Ciao for now, enjoy the sun England has apparently stolen from us here.


  1. Good job you bought a waterproof no sun here either!!BA sounds like a challenging city to be veggie in good job you are not!get yourself some heels you can learn the tango!Eva and stephen have gone to Stamford overnight to see Tony's sister from Oz back tomorrow I'm off to textiles soon inspired by yesterday's art trail several people encouraging me to sign up for a serious creative course....maybe next year.....enjoy the first hostel experience stepping out on your own......much love C xxxxxx

  2. I challenge you to learn the tango! I expect video evidence :) love xx

  3. She's often tried a tango but she had an unwilling partner.

  4. Wow, this sounds all so exciting! TANGO TANGO. RAINY TANGO!
    Lovely to hear what you are doing already - keep the diary up chuck!
    Lots of Love,

    1. Hi Ruby, well it's a week since you were in the sunny climes of the UK and now you are under the South American rain - ho hum ! It all sounds great so far - food sounds yum and the tango sounds exciting. You should give it a go and then you can join strictly - Ben would be very impressed, he is seriously into the new series already !!!
      Speak soon Deb, Dave and Ben xxxx