Friday, 16 November 2012

Back in the Game.

Dear followers.
I recognise it has been a while, this was due to an adventure, and a sufficient lack of computers in hostels in Tupiza. And a general ´being in the moment´ness blah blah.

 Oh yeah, and I accidentally deleted all of my pictures and had to spend all night getting most of them back. Which I did. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that I present to you photos of my recent journies and adventures and scrapes.

Enjoy. (descriptive text to follow as I have been here for a while)


  1. stunning images my love now i really am jealous!BOLIVIA LOOKS QUITE AMAZING could see you spending longer than a month there.just been to the silk exhibition at cartwright last day !Textiles from Indian sub continent quite beautiful looks like bolivia will show you some pretty good ones too.Is your contact le Paz based?Glad to hear you have found your pics and hope you understand what happened so you can make sure it doesn't happen again!think i should check out yellow fever in readiness for my trip?Thinking Jan 7th ish for 3 weeks if that sounds o.k.?maybe will be able to tell me where by mid December?Most likely Ecuador?xxxxxxx

  2. Happy Birthday Ruth, hope you are having a fantastic day. The photos look amazing. We especially like the arty one with the ukalele! Lots of love from sue and colin xx

  3. Hi sue! I had a lovely birthday in sucre with my new friends :) really lovely. Hope you two are both great, what have you been up to recently? looking forward to christmas? It`s really strange, they have all the decorations up here, and yet it`s really hot! very bizarre...interesting though. much love x