Thursday, 27 September 2012

Your journey awaits.

And so I sit. In the living room.
In front of a lovely fire.
A conker in my pocket.
The oncoming autumn filling
my nostrils.
I love the autumn.
But I'm running away!
To sunshine and
Spanish and mountains
and beaches and new food
and new music and new friends
and a general broadening of my horizons
and all that jazz.

At present I am raring to go
and explore.
But I am also quietly/audibly terrified!
Who knows what lies in wait for me
(hopefully in a non-creepy fashion)
but I will embrace it with open arms
and Spanish on my tongue and my
irresistible, all-encompassing,
wonderful and warming

Northern charm.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ruth, We are all very excited for (and about!) you. I guess I'm really very envious of you and your incredible energy and openness. Go for it...
    One of the best bits of advice ever given to me was when I started my early travels I was told that "the good time will be really good and the bad times will be really bad!" This was such good advice I can only pass it on to you and wish you all the best for many many really good times. If, an when, the bad times hit, you know where we are and we are here 24/7 so please do not hesitate to blog, email, text or ring at anytime. Wherever I am my mobile is on 24/7 so please do take the number it with you. It now works in virtually all the countries I work in. Wishing you some great times and really looking forward to sharing them with you via this great blog. All our very best wishes, love Phil, Judith Teala and Jo XXXX